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Sanación Energética

What is Reiki?

Reiki, an ancient technique, can enhance your well-being and bring positive transformations to your life. It operates on multiple levels of your existence – physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual – all at once.


The Reiki practitioner harnesses qi, the universal energy that flows within and around our bodies and is vital for life. They then direct this energy through their hands into you.

Qi is a form of intelligent energy that flows precisely to where it is required. To maintain a healthy body and promote mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being, it is essential to have a smooth flow of qi.


This technique can be performed while fully clothed and is non-invasive since it doesn't require physical contact. However, I prefer to incorporate touch as an additional element to enhance the healing process.

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Curación Reiki

How is a Reiki session?

During a standard Reiki session, you will either lie down or sit in a chair while the practitioner methodically places their hands over all your organs and systems. The Reiki energy works to remove any blockages that hinder your well-being, which may present as obstacles and symptoms in your life.


The duration of Reiki sessions may differ depending on individual needs, but generally, a complete session usually lasts about 75 minutes.


The duration and frequency of sessions will vary based on your body's energy requirements and your capacity per session. Typically, three consecutive sessions are sufficient for profound healing to take place. The greater your openness and receptiveness, the quicker and more enduring the effects will be.

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