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Postnatal Massage

​The postpartum period is a time of enormous changes where massage can be a great ally. It nourishes the mother in the company of her baby and accelerates the healing and recovery process after the big effort involved in giving birth.


It provides support for the emotional demands of early motherhood, as the mother finds space for her own care. A well-deserved moment of rest, softness and pampering.


In this space, a relaxed environment is created for both the mother and the baby and opens the possibility of bonding calmly and without other demands.


In addition, massage promotes sleep and offers support for breastfeeding.

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You deserve it

​In addition to loving touch, in this session I will offer you a space to express what you need after your birth experience. A space to celebrate or to cry, to let you feel whatever lives in you and to be able to share it with the peace of mind of being in a totally confidential space.

Pampering and care is what you need right now after the enormous effort of bringing a new life into this world.

Give yourself this well-deserved break to come back to yourself and experience relief, pleasant sensations and a recharge of energy!

In addition to relaxing, it will be possible to treat and prevent pain and release muscle tension accumulated in your body. The massage will cause regulating effects on your energy levels, your moods and your psyche.​

I will offer you some ideas for a faster recovery depending on your birth experience.

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