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Childbirth preparation


How is this course?

This childbirth preparation course is highly flexible and adjusts to your needs.

The entire course comprises four sessions, each lasting around three hours. While the sessions are standalone, they complement each other.

It is advisable to attend all sessions for thorough preparation. However, you can also opt for individual sessions based on your preferences, schedule, and convenience.

Every session is carefully crafted to maximize its benefits. It aims to empower you to handle any situation effectively, providing you with information grounded in current scientific evidence.

Since every couple has unique requirements, I provide personalized sessions individually. I visit each couple at their home, where we work in a relaxed setting, offering tailored guidance and support.

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Exploring the process of birth

SESSION 1 - In-person or by video call

➢ Hormones and the environment

Function and importance of hormones and the environment

Environmental factors that promote the release of birth hormones

How to create an ideal environment for the birth process

The primitive brain and the neocortex

➢ Stages of labour. What's going on?


Signs that indicate labour has begun

What to do

When to go to the hospital


The first stage of labour

Advantages of an active birth

Positions and movements



What's going on

What to do


The second stage of labour



The third stage of labour

Birth of the placenta

Skin to skin

Initiation of breastfeeding

➢ Crisis points

What to do during difficult times or emotional low points during childbirth.


➢ The role of the companion

Essential guide to accompany

How to get involved

The bond with the mother and the baby - being part

What you can and shouldn't do before and during childbirth

Making informed decisions


Recommended time to perform this session: from week 14 of gestation.

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​Tools for childbirth

SESSION 2 - In-person

➢ Postures and movements for an active birth

How to make the most of pelvic mobility

The bone canal

Movements and postures rooted in the fundamentals of active birth, emphasizing freedom of movement, spontaneity, and following the body's natural wisdom. These practices can be explored by the woman independently or with the support of her partner.

➢ Massage for pregnancy and childbirth

Basic massage techniques and intuitive massage

Optimal positions to perform the massage

Key areas of the body to work on

Ways to provide comfort and relief for mothers

➢ Rebozo (ancestral techniques from indigenous women of Mexico and South America)

How to promote an optimal position

How to resolve not-so-ideal positions.


➢ Yoga exercises to prepare the body for childbirth

Exercises focused on posture and breathing to prepare you physically, emotionally and mentally

Exercises to loosen the muscles involved in childbirth for optimal positioning of the baby and opening of the birth canal

The importance of yoga during the postpartum period.


Recommended time to perform this session: from week 14 of gestation. It can be linked with regular prenatal yoga classes to continue the practice (highly recommended).

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Know your rights and options

SESSION 3 - In person or by video call

➢ Writing the birth plan

Importance of knowing and communicating what you want for your delivery and immediate postpartum

How it helps you and the healthcare personnel who care for you

What must be considered

Your rights as a patient

Guide to planning labour and birth


➢ Where to give birth?

Options for childbirth


home birth

birth houses


➢ Pain during childbirth

How to reduce and alleviate it

The role of medicine

Drug use

Recommendations from the World Health Organization

Alternative Resources and Methods

Water use in labour and birth


➢ Pleasure is also possible

How to experience it during childbirth

Childbirth as a continuation of the sexual act


➢ The figure of the doula

How the doula accompanies you

What difference your support can make

Her role before, during and after childbirth


The optimal time to perform this session is between weeks 28 and 32 of pregnancy (it can also be done before or after).

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Balancing body, mind and emotions

SESSION 4 - In person or by video call

➢ Fears and worries

How fear obstructs the progress of labour

Exercise to release fears, give them context and look for options and solutions. We will work with fears and worries in a creative and liberating way.


➢ Affirmations

The power of mantras

How to create your own

How to practice


➢ Focus points

Acupressure points to facilitate the flow of the birth process

Relieving tension

Helping the progression of labour

calming emotions

Helping the baby get into the optimal position for birth

Slowing or speeding up labour


➢ Relaxation and expression techniques

Key tools to use during childbirth

Breathing and visualization techniques

Vocalization and singing


Recommended time to do this session: from week 28 of gestation (it can also be done before or after).

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