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What is movement?

Yes, I move, I live, I make mistakes;

Water that runs and mixes, I feel

The fierce vertigo of movement:

I smell the jungles, I touch new land.


Yes, I move, I go searching perhaps

Suns, auroras, storm and oblivion.

What are you doing there, poor and polished?

You are the stone whose side I walk by.


Poem "And you" by Alfonsina Storni

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Tai Chi en movimiento

What are the classes like?

The online sessions involve yoga asanas, Chi Kung exercises, and free expression to help reconnect with our bodies and promote health. Each session concludes with various self-massage techniques.

Participants are encouraged to focus on their breath and movements, allowing for a deeper connection with their physical selves. The yoga asanas and Chi Kung exercises work together to enhance flexibility, strength, and balance.

The free-expression portion of the session offers a space for individuals to release tension and emotions through movement and sound.

Finally, the self-massage techniques provide a soothing and nurturing way to care for the body, promoting relaxation and well-being. Together, these components create a holistic experience aimed at rejuvenating both the body and the mind.

Diseño sin título.png

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Would you like to try a session?

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