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Yoga and Meditation with the Chakras


What is it about?

It is a cycle of 6 independent and, at the same time, complementary sessions. So you can take 1 or several sessions depending on your needs and preferences.

Each session is a 4-hour intensive where we work with an energy center (chakra) through yoga postures (asanas), breathing techniques (pranayamas) and meditation. Each session has specific effects on the chakra we work on.

We practice asanas, pranayamas and specific meditations to open, cleanse and enhance the activity of each chakra.

Given the extended duration of these sessions, we can explore each posture more profoundly, connecting with our internal movements and sensations. This also provides an opportunity for us to pause for better integration.

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Pareja Meditando

What benefits does it bring us?

  • It opens, cleanses and enhances the energy centers (chakras)

  • It helps us release tensions so that there is a free energy flow

  • Opens and unblocks your breathing so that more energy is available

  • It supports our mental processes

  • It enhances the development of our physical system, specifically our nervous system, to increase awareness and observation skills..

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Clase de meditación

Who is it for?

  • For individuals interested, regardless of whether they are beginners, have some experience, or maintain a regular practice.

  • For those who wish to deepen their practice.

  • For those who have difficulty finding space to practice during the week.

  • For those who want to feel more intensely the effects that Sadhana (practice) provides.

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Would you like to participate?

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