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It is a tribute to life, honouring the journey of pregnancy and the birth of a new being, a new mother, a new father, and a new family.

It is an act that is performed to mark and give meaning to this transition in a woman's life.

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How is it done?

We create a sacred space where the mother-to-be is celebrated and honored as the giver of life.


Through rituals and nurturing presence, women are supported, cared for, and pampered, enabling them to tap into their inner strength and her ability to give birth. This vital moment is navigated with the support of their intimate circle of women.

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Why is it done?

It offers comprehensive support (physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual) to expectant mothers, fostering stronger bonds and a sense of unity, while enhancing awareness.


It's a beautiful opportunity to feel the love and encouragement from family and friends, while also celebrating and embracing the new life that is flourishing and soon to arrive.

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Mandala con henna barriguita embarazada

What is it done for?

The purpose of this ceremony is to celebrate the future mother, offer her well wishes for the upcoming journey into motherhood, and help her get ready to welcome her baby.

During this time of change, a sacred space opens up allowing for a deep internal transformation, bringing us closer to our essence and broadening our perception of womanhood.

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Blessingway. Celebración. Ceremonia de maternidad. Rito de paso. Rituales

A little more detail...

We start by energetically cleansing the space and all participants using Palo Santo, sage, or other medicinal herbs.

We create a special altar honouring the expectant mother, the baby, and the new family, adorned with symbolic and meaningful objects.

We welcome the expectant mother and proceed with her energy purification.

We open a sacred circle, calling upon the five elements and the seven directions. Inviting Divine Grace, the Goddess residing within each of us, to be by our side and lead the way.

We enjoy the unique contributions of each member within the circle, guided by the Goddesses' oracle. Each person's story strikes a chord within everyone, forming a close-knit tribe. It's a truly special bond where each individual has their own valued space.

We engage in enchanting celebrations that pay tribute to and elevate mothers, intertwined with threads of joy and festivity. Here are a few magical rituals to ignite such merriment:

  • We share songs, poems, or heartfelt gifts with her. It's ideal if it's something simple, organic, symbolic, and personally crafted.

  • We comb her hair and adorn it with flowers or place a flower crown on her head.

  • We tenderly cleanse her feet with the caress of warm water and fragrant roses, anointing them with the essence of rose or lavender oil and giving her a soothing massage.

  • We embellish her belly with a mandala or sacred motif.

  • In a circle bound by a red thread, we will form a symbol of unity to reassure her that she is not alone in this journey.

Let us complete the sacred circle by expressing gratitude and bidding farewell to the elements, the cardinal points, and the Divine Grace.

Following the ceremony, we enjoy a celebration with food and drinks.

Diseño sin título.png

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