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​In the past, women shared...

... they shared much more than today. They shared the care of the babies, foraged for food, and cooked together. They were a source of strength and comfort for each other on a daily basis.


Traditions like the Red Tent, where women gathered during menstruation to be together, often synchronizing their cycles, was a space where they nourished each other, sharing their chores, and staying resilient and happy.


Today we are much more isolated in our homes and in our lives, and separated from each other. Opportunities to meet are much more limited and the time we spend together in this way has been severely diminished. We are missing the healing, beauty and comfort that comes from sharing.


Being with other women helps us be better mothers. Moral, physical, emotional and mental stimulation and support create a harmonious environment for children to develop and thrive.


As women, we are empathetic givers and a natural source of food for our loved ones, which is why it is essential that we replenish our energy by receiving and being nourished by the company of our sisters, since the simple fact of being together is enriching and strengthening.

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When women get together

When women get together
around "a fire",
forces are born,
magic grows,
embers burn.
They enjoy, celebrate, heal,
they recompose, invent, create,
they unite, disunite, bury,
they give life, they grumble,
they grieve...

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The moment 

is now

símbol dona

​The time has come to come together and celebrate that we are women and that we are alive!

Together we create a sacred space to share with total trust and confidentiality, establishing bonds that nourish us, and a support network in which to rest and regain strength. Meeting other women is something very special and essential for our well-being and that of everyone around us.

There are many ways we can spend our time together, and it's not so much the doing, but what is created between us and within us. This has an incredible reach, this power expands beyond us and penetrates our families, making them flourish.

Together we learn and grow, we share different ways of thinking, doing and feeling; together we create beauty and magic in a sacred space.

I invite you to share in a circle, to listen and speak with and from the heart, to let yourself be, to allow yourself, to be present with yourself and with others.

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Would you like to be part?

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