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Pregnancy massage yoga el masnou maresme barcelona españa

What is yoga?


In a very simplistic way, Yoga, in part, is an ancient Indian form of exercise with a holistic approach, meaning it tackles a person's well-being as a whole - mind and body.


Yoga's roots can be traced back five thousand years and the name means to join, or to unite. It consists of different poses, called asanas, that are performed with awareness on the breathing. The breathing techniques, which are central to yoga, are called pranayamas.


Each asana has its own benefits and works different muscles, joints or systems of the body. In conjunction with the breathing techniques, it is a powerful practice for keeping the mind and body healthy. It promotes a general sense of well-being and can often be a journey of self-discovery in itself.







I am a qualified YogaBirth teacher! 


I am a hatha yoga teacher specialised in the pregnancy and postnatal period, and certified with YogaBirth, an association of professionally trained teachers of antenatal and postnatal yoga and childbirth education. We are dedicated to supporting women during the childbearing year.


To know more about what it means to be a YogaBirth teacher, please read our public statement of identity, ethos and intention: Who we are, what we believe in and what we do. 



My work is inspired on Vanda Scaravelli. One of the wonderful gifts of her work is its simplicity. It is based in three principles: breath, gravity and wave.


My own experience with yoga


I have practiced a form of hatha yoga since 2004. When I started to practice with the simple principles of breath, gravity, and wave, the feeling of my body completely changed. Now I feel so much connected and in my body than ever.


At first, my mind tried to understand what it meant to feel the connection, the energy running down the feet and coming back up, softening the articulations in order to allow the energy to move through and feeling the movement coming from the spine. I did not make too much sense of it all. Somehow, my body did. My body knew what it had to do as I surrendered, letting go of the need to make sense. Slowly and with time, it all started to make sense. Body and mind worked together bringing on about integration.


Practicing the yoga asanas and pranayama helps me keep the mind open and my body grounded. I feel more centred, more connected to myself. Yoga keeps me flexible, receptive and supple.

In 2017, I landed on a new course of yoga at the Shri Vivek Center in Barcelona, with the yogi Jivan Vismay, who transmits the traditional yogic science of Shri Vivek Yoga, teachings of the self-realized Master Shri Guruji Swami Vivekananda. 

The journey continues… every day a new discovery!





How do I work?


In my classes I invite you to stay in the posture with attention to the breath and to whatever arises in the present moment. Working in this way, patience, acceptance and receptivity arise. On the other hand I invite you to make fluid movements in order to feel and release tensions of both your body and your mind.


I have great respect for each of my students and I encourage them to listen inwards and to connect with the deep wisdom of their body, so that they themselves respect their own rhythms and limits.


My instructions are clear, simple and detailed, paying close attention to the movement in synchrony with the breath.


I offer group yoga classes and private sessions. At my studio or in your home.

What does this approach to yoga means?

Focus on the body, attention to the posture, not as something static, but alive. It is almost like a dance. Paying attention to the connection between all the parts involved in the posture. In fact seeing the interconnectedness of all the 'bits' in the body. And the spine as a center, a regulator of energy. When the spine becomes alive, infused with consciousness, then the rest of the body becomes free, open, aligned. The posture feels easy and comfortable. A new understanding arises, all the movement comes from the spine and is not about the posture, but becoming present to what is. It is a going with and not against.

what is yoga
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Yoga Birth, women, community, midwives, doulas, therapists, pregnancy, prenatal, postnatal, birth preparation, training
Yoga Birth, women, community, midwives, doulas, therapists, pregnancy, prenatal, postnatal, birth preparation

My course partners 2014 -2015

YogaBirth community of committed women

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