Let the wild Feminine awaken in you...

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I love to gather with women because, even if I don't know them to start with, an immediate bond is created when we share. It is beautiful, my soul sings.


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What I like the most of our gatherings is the heart connection, the space to be with whatever I am with and the delicious nourishing food that we share!


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In every gathering I get to meet beautiful sisters that enrich my life. Thank you!

Natural, Free, Listening within!

The time has come to gather and celebrate being a woman and being alive!


Resting in the power of the circle of sisters... a place where you can share with total confidentiality, feel nourished, replenished and supported.


Gathering with women is something very special and essential for our wellbeing. Together we learn and grow, we share in many different ways, we create beauty and magic within a sacred space.


Let's awaken and support together the return of the Feminine!


There are many ways we can spend our time together, and it is not so much on the doing, but on what is created, between us, within us and in the space.

Story telling, strolling in the woods, knitting and crocheting, singing, dancing around the fire, connecting to our wombs, preparing food, having tea and cake, swimming in a river, massaging each other... Being, sharing in circle, present with ourselves and with each other, listening with our heart, speaking from our heart.


Yoga y Masaje prenatal y postnatal Barcelona, Maresme,El Masnou España

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