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Touching Touch : A workshop

You are invited to explore your entitlement to ask for what you want, and give what is right for you. This is an occasion to witness the different parts that become alive in you in the dance of giving and receiving.


  • A safe space to connect with yourself and others, sharing touch.

  • An opportunity to be present and allow yourself to be touched, seen and heard.

  • An experience of love and awakening to the truth of your being.

~ * ~


This workshop is suitable for men and women.

I can arrange a mix-gender or one-gender group. Just ask!


What others say


"I really enjoyed and benefitted from nuria's Touching Touch session. I thought she led it very sensitively to the needs of everyone in the group. The introductory stages gave enough support and guidance to help move us into the right sort of frame of mind - or body - for choosing and working with a partner... but also leaving enough freedom for us to find our own way thereafter. There was also useful time for sharing and feedback at the end. I would happily do the session again if it was on offer." ~ Rose Swales, London

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