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Birth Preparation

Delivered as individual sessions for pregnant women and their birth partners or as a groupal workshop.


Learn a few tools that will help you feel prepared and that will support you in feeling confident and empowered in your journey through pregnancy, labour and beyond. 




  • To extend the care I can give you by providing you and those around you with tools that can be used every day in the comfort of your own home.

  • To inspire your partner with practical and concrete ways to get involved, and support you with confidence and understanding.

  • For you to benefit from regular attention and care.

  • To foster the bond between your partner and you, and with your unborn child.


You will:


  • Learn a few simple but powerful exercises and yoga postures that will help you build up physical strength.

  • Explore movements that you can use during labour.

  • Practice relaxation techniques that will help you remain calm and to relax into your body’s ability to birth.


Your partner will:


  • Learn simple but effective massage techniques to assist you through pregnancy and during labour (how, where and when to massage, hold, give space or simply be present).

  • Learn how to support you with movements & postures during labour.

  • Explore labour focused acupressure points that will support you into feeling ready and confident.

What others say


Nuria inspired calmness and confidence throughout the session and, in a gentle and unassuming way, took us on an amazing journey.


The session brought us closer together as a couple through me being able to help Caroline in a more practical way than I could before.


This kind of session would be invaluable to couples going through pregnancy together and preparing for labour, birth and the recovery period afterwards.


Nuria clearly feels passionate about the value of massage and conveyed this to us with great focus and integrity. The session was also extremely good value for money.


~ Mr. Jan

Supported, Empowered, Positive & Confident.

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