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Vero's unassisted birth

When I got pregnant with Lorenz I knew  I wanted to have an unassisted homebirth, after I gave birth to Fauna, my almost 3 yo daugther, at a friend´s house. I felt that it was easier for me to do it without assistance, so I could at all times be connected with myself, and do only what I felt was right for us. 


Lorenz was expected on the 20th of August, however he stayed in the cozy matrix until the 3rd of September. 

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On the 2nd at around midnight I had rushes every 5 minutes. Fauna was sleeping, Magnus, my partner was doing the preparations, called Ida, a friend who came to support us; and Rabea, who was at our home for a month to connect with Fauna and be with her during the labor, was also preparing the space.

I was very excited! I had so much energy and at that moment I enjoyed every rush, thinking that Lorenz birth would be even faster than Fauna´s for being my second birth. I was moving a lot, arranging things, and didn´t rest, thinking that it will be fast. 

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As in Fauna´s birth, I didn´t break waters. The rushes became closer and closer, the house was lighted in candle light, the pool (same where Fauna was born) was full, I walked around and got my partner´s massage almost at every rush. I felt them very strong in my lower back. We had a fetoscope (wooden tool to listen to the heart), and Magnus checked his heartbeat a few times. I went in the pool to relax a few times, had a few showers, an enema to be sure my intestines were empty.


In the morning I was very sleepy, but couldn´t sleep. Fauna went out with Rabea to play, it was a sunny day. I was a thinking a lot of how Fauna was doing during the time she wasn´t with, that took me a bit out of the birth space.

 Around 9am I slept for almost 2 hours, that felt great, when I woke up we went for a very short walk to help the dilation. I asked Magnus to check my cervix 2 or 3 times during the birth. 


Around 5.30pm I felt Womb pushing, I sat in a meditation bench in front of a mirror to see if I saw the head crowning, but still didn´t. I closed my eyes and talked to Womb, said thanks for hosting my baby, nurture him, now she could let him go, I Love You baby, I Love you Womb. After 3 rushes came the amniotic sack still closed, looking like a little ball. I wanted to open it to go a bit faster, I knew from Fauna´s birth that it can take longer with the whole bag, so I asked Ida to make a small hole and a bit of water came when she did it. It took 2 more rushes to see his head crowning, I touched his head and fast asked Ida to call Fauna, so she could be there when Lorenz arrived. Magnus and me went inside the pool, that felt so good. He was holding my hemorrhoid during the whole pushing stage, as I felt this hemorrhoid pushing out with every rush (this was extremely helpfull!!!!). 


Once in the pool, Fauna, Rabea and Ida where beside looking, Magnus was crouching behind me holding the thing. I was squatting, holding my perineum with one hand and with two fingers of my other hand I was stroking/massaging the front and sides of the vagina when Lorenz head crowned, until it came out easily, Was a wonderful moment when his head came out! Wow, I touched his right cheek with my hand and still remember how beautiful that felt, so soft and roundy. He was moving his head quite a lot under the water, I checked with my hand that he didn´t have the cord around the neck. Womb pushed two more times and then his beautiful, round and almost pink body slid out, I took him with both my hands as he emerged from the water. Magnus came forward very fast to meet him.


Lorenz cried right away once he was out of the water, I kept his body under the water, while i tried to suck the water out of his nose and mouth. It felt very natural, and relaxed, his arrival, Fauna was looking all the time, looking calm and very focused (she knew what was happening, since I prepared her during the pregnancy). I had some tinctures for different situations, Ida gave me 10 drops of Motherwort to avoid hemorrage (I wanted to take precautions, as in Fauna´s birth my placenta was pulled and I bled a lot).


We came out of the pool to deliver the placenta, I sat in a potty Ida dried me, and Lorenz started drinking. Fauna came and touched him on the head and then started jumping and playing around.


I waited 1 hour for Placenta to come out by itself, massaged my belly, Lorenz drinking to stimulate Womb to contract and expel it. Lorenz went to his father´s arms for the first time and I blew in a bottle to help the pushing. When one hour had passed I asked Ida to give me 30 drops of Angelica tincture under the tongue, Right after, Placenta came out with a big coagulo.  


I am grateful to my son Lorenz for coming to this world through me, I Love him, I loved to feel him kicking in my belly and feel him emerging! 



Verónica Larraya

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