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My  Journey

Since I was a child my hands were always in demand. My mum used to ask me to rub her back and she was delighted I always found the right spots!


When I turned 23, I initiated in Reiki. In 2003 I did the second level. I recently took the second level again with an other teacher.

In 2005, I completed a-year-long Chiromassage course. Soon after, I lead workshops to pass on what I'd learned and opened a private practice.


I have always felt a fascination for energy bodywork but when I attended a Shiatsu course in London, I realized how effective it can be and I immediately incorporated what I'd learned into my practice. Today, I continue to explore and learn in this area.


In 2009, I engaged in a 4-year-long course in Voice Dialogue, a simple yet powerful tool for transformation and personal development based on the Psychology of Selves.

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In 2014, I trained as a Pregnancy Yoga Teacher with                                 , where I learned a gentle yet powerful approach to exercise that works with the breath and with gravity, with natural movement and attention to the structure and state of the body. This approach is based in Scaravelli Yoga and Active Birth.

I continue to deepen my practice of yoga each and every day. And presently, I have started a 4 year-long Couch Yoga course at the Shri Vivek yoga center in Barcelona, under the teachings of yogi Jivan Vismai, who transmits the wisdom of this ancient science from his self-realized teacher Shri Guruji Swami Vivekananda (Nirpeksha Sannyas Ashram - Khadana, India). 

I also learned about Breastfeeding with Indra Lopez-Bassols, a La Leche League GB leader (LLL), Breastfeeding Counsellor and an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC). I learned about skin-to-skin contact, position and attachment, physiology of lactation, common breastfeeding problems, communication skills to support breastfeeding dyads and infant cues and behaviours.




I have a strong passion for:


  • Offering a holistic care and supporting pregnant women in making informed choices, so they feel happy, healthy, confident and empowered.

  • Passing on skills and tools, facilitating learning and contributing to the wellbeing of women and their families.

  • Helping women connect with themselves and with others, creating networks of support.

  • Celebrating life!


I am a nature lover and have a strong interest in nutrition and herbalism, a passion for dancing, touch and movement, drawing and story telling. I use the power of these tools to bring wellness to my life and that of others.

In 2013, I undertook the most thorough Massage and Pregnancy course in the UK. I trained with Suzanne Yates, expert and pioneer in maternity work since 1990. She offers in depth pregnancy massage courses worldwide, and is the author of "Pregnancy and childbirth, an holistic approach to massage and bodywork” amongst other books. Suzanne is the founder and main teacher at 

Yoga y Masaje prenatal y postnatal Barcelona, Maresme,El Masnou España

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