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How can massage be beneficial for you?


  • Reduces stress, promotes relaxation and can help with insomnia.

  • Reduces oedema (swelling) and can lower blood pressure.

  • Alleviates varicose veins.

  • Reduces and alleviates neck, back and joint pain caused by posture, muscle weakness, tension and extra weight.

  • Relieves muscle spasms, cramps, sciatic pain and carpal tunnel.

  • Helps maintain skin elasticity to ease stretch marks.

  • Assists with the management of digestive complaints such as constipation, gas and nausea.

  • Encourages deeper, easier breathing.

  • Stimulates the release of endorphins, the body's natural pain killers.

  • Develops the sensory awareness, flexibility and relaxation necessary to be an active participant in the birth process.

  • Contributes to an easier labor and delivery.

  • Provides the experience and model of loving, safe and nurturing touch that encourages the mother-to-be to touch her baby lovingly.

How does your baby benefit from it?


Massage increases blood flow to the uterus, placenta & baby, also improving lymph flow, which helps flush out toxins. A better flow of nutrients and oxygen promotes healthy tissues for both mother and baby.


How is pregnancy massage different?


As a Certified Pregnancy Massage Therapist, I understand what a mother-to-be needs, because I have specifically studied the anatomy and physiology of the pregnant body. In addition, I have learned how to take good care of your positioning through the different stages of your pregnancy and to use the appropriate techniques to alleviate specific conditions and symptoms. Each session is tailored specifically to your needs and may include energy work, visualizations, stretches, mobilizations and exercises.


How often can you receive massage during your pregnancy?


This is a personal choice.  At least once a month in the first trimester, twice a month in the second and weekly in the third trimester is usually a good suggestion.


Is massage safe during the first trimester of pregnancy?


One of the most common misconceptions is that massage in the early months of pregnancy can increase the risk of miscarriage. There is not evidence to support such a fear-based idea. Under the direction of a trained pregnancy massage therapist, it is absolutely safe, and not only that but extremely beneficial both physically and emotionally.  


But most important than anything, is that you go with what your body and intuition tells you and what feels right for you. If there is no desire to be touch, then it's pointless seeking massage or trying to convince you of the benefits. If, however,  you are craving touch then you can hugely benefit from the support and space that massage can offer you at this time.


Some of the benefits include: 


  • Relief for upper back pain. In the first trimester, most women’s breasts have already grown significantly, increasing the chance for upper back pain. A massage therapist can address the tension and tightness caused by the extra weight.


  • Helps alleviate typical early pregnancy symptoms such as nausea, vomiting, fatigue, energy levels and breathlessness.


  • Improves digestive system. Constipation affects a lot of women in the first trimester, and massage - especially regular ones - can help keep things regular.


  • Strees reduction and relaxation. The first trimester can be an especially tiring and unsettling time. Women tend to feel very emotional, partly fuelled by the massive surge of hormones, but also from the simple realisation of what being pregnant might mean for them, even more so if the pregnancy is unplanned and possibly unwanted. Massage supports the body in adapting to the hormonal changes it is going through and may help with early prenatal bonding.


  • Someone to talk to in confidence. Not telling anyone until after the first scan, when it feels more ‘safe’, means that in the early weeks the mum can’t really share and discuss her feelings with anybody (apart from her partner).


  • Relief from migraines and headaches. Massage is incredibly helpful in relieving and preventing headaches, many of which are caused by back and neck tension.



“The main focus of first trimester work is to support the multitude of changes which the woman is undergoing. Stress reduction and acceptance of the changes is key part of this. First trimester work lays the foundation for the rest of the pregnancy” – Suzanne Yates, ‘Pregnancy and Childbirth – a holistic approach to massage and bodywork’.



If you have any other questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.

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