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Dear Nuria,


I want to thank you for the time, support, understanding and love

you have given me over the last few months.


During the first weeks of pregnancy, I found your support and presence

hugely helpful. It was a challenging first trimester and your sessions really

helped me to ground myself as well as making the nausea and tiredness

much easier to deal with.


You helped me to recognise and accept the huge and powerful processes that were taking place in my body during the first trimester – a time that is so often overlooked. I particularly valued your complete understanding at this point.


I felt your care and nurture wrap around me.


When my pregnancy sadly ended in miscarriage, you were right there.


You offered and held for me a quiet space to process, grieve and begin to heal. And while I always felt your presence, it was gentle and subtle. I had space and the journey was my own.


The massage, touch and energy work was precious and powerful. It really gave me time to be with my body and to accept the physical and emotional changes that were taking place.


Just as precious was the time you gave me to talk, reflect and process. You listened with so much openness and compassion. I felt completely heard.


You also helped me to find ways to mark and honour the pregnancy and loss – and the changes in me as a woman.


The last few months have taken me on an incredible and powerful journey of love, grief, learning and growing, of deepening my relationship with my self and body, of admiring and respecting the delicate and beautiful journey of birth, life, loss and healing.


You played an enormous part in this and I thank you so much.


Much love,




A letter that touched me

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